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The First iPad Political Commercial?

Thanks to Chris Cillizza (the Washington Post's The Fix) for calling out what may be the first iPad-based political ad


FileMaker Go

FileMaker released its newest product, FileMaker Go last night. Now the picture that FileMaker paints is getting filled in


Integrated Social Media Strategy

(This is an outgrowth of a number of conversations at the 2010 National Conference on Volunteering and Service. The structure can apply to other types of organizations, too. Thanks to all who helped.)

7/5/10--some minor tweaks to wording.

The four main aspects of social media can work together in an integrated way that doesn't drive staff, volunteers, users, and customers crazy. Each of these refers to the other, and although there's a sequence here, many people will enter at various points and move back and forth among these tools at will. Clarifying what you're doing where can make life easier for everyone.

Using PDFs with iBooks in iOS4

One of the big attractions of iOS 4 for many of us is the opening of iBooks  to PDFs that you can add. It's done in a parallel universe: your iBooks are divided into books and PDFs as you see here. (Look at the top left of the screen.)

Like many aspects of the operating system, iBooks is smart enough not to show you nothing. You may not see PDFs in the upper left if you don't have any, but once you add PDFs, you'll see them.