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Citizen Reports on iPhone and iPad

City of Portland Citizen Reports is a terrific app and a great contribution to the world of public apps.

It's a classic iPhone app that relies on the camera and GPS. Take a photo, note your location (automatically or manually on a map), choose your category (Street Lights, Potholes, etc.), and add your comments. Your contact information can be provided, but it's optional. You can also track your previous reports.

Apps in Government

The low cost, shorter development time, and ease of use make apps extremely attractive to non-profits and government organizations as well as to their for-profit colleagues. As is the case with any organization, there's often a bureaucracy as well as established policies and procedures that can make the use of new technologies such as apps a challenge.

App Store Statistics

Terrific statistics from Filip Truta at iWorld. The number of apps in the App Store is closing in on 190,000, and nearly 5,000 iPad apps.

And speaking of iPad, Apple announced that in the first month it sold a million of them.

What is a Mobile Device?


Facebook Privacy Issues

Facebook has gotten a bit of unwelcome publicity recently about its changes. There is quite legitimate concern about privacy, but there is also a rather large amount of hypocrisy.