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Flash 10.1 for Mobile on the Way (Beta, that is)

A beta version of Flash for mobile devices is on the way according to Stephen Shankland on CNET.

It will be available for a number of platforms but, notably, not Apple's mobile devices (iOS). It addresses some of the issues of moving to a non-mouse environment and deals with power issues. Some developers will still need rewriting to adopt it.

I'm sure Apple's argument will be "If you need to rewrite anyway, why not move to HTML5 which is an open standard." 

Apple and Google: Engineering's Role

Chris Matyszczyk writes at CNET, "Is Google far too much in love with engineering?" This is a topic that I seem to keep running into these days -- most recently, I looked at a proposal for a new website that was all about the details -- a checklist of what was there, a description of the appearance, and a list of technologies to be used (could we please settle the Flash issue?).

Rob Pegoraro on MS Office 2010 and the Energy Crisis

Rob Pegoraro who writes in the Washington Post is one of the best consumer-technology writers on the scene.The headline on his article from today sums up his take on MS Office 2010: "Microsoft Office 2010 Not Yet Worth the Upgrade." And his blog post provides a really dispiriting followup: "Microsoft Office 2010: A cry for help?"

Bento and iPad: The Start of Something New

Just posted a Bento extra on the Web. It looks at Bento on iPhone and iPad, providing comparisons of the same library on both devices and on the Mac desktop.

Bento and iPad: The Start of Something New

Bento is a great companion for iPad: both of them demonstrate the beginning of a new chapter in software development. I know we've periodically had new chapters in software development (game changers, killer apps, and The Next Big Thing--all thousands of them), but this time it's real.

Don't take my word for it, take a look at the software. Bento on the Mac (it doesn't run on Windows), is a terrific personal database. The folks at FileMaker put their decades of database expertise into a new product that defines a specific space and fills it with features. You can see it in action here.