FileMaker Go

FileMaker released its newest product, FileMaker Go last night. Now the picture that FileMaker paints is getting filled in


  • FileMaker Pro: a database for desk-tops and laptops with a powerful scripting language and an easy-to-build (and use) interface that can be shared by up to nine people (Mac and Windows)
  • FileMaker Server: a workhorse server product to share those databases over networks and the web among 250 people (more for FileMaker Server Advanced) (Mac and Windows)
  • Bento: Bento a personal databases that can be shared and synchronized by up to five people (Mac only)
  • FileMaker Go can serve as a full-featured client to shared FileMaker databases on FileMaker Server or other computers running FileMaker Pro. FileMaker Go runs on iPad and iPhone; in addition to accessing shared databases, it can run local databases that are downloaded via iTunes or sent to the iPad or iPhone via email.


We'll be updating the FileMaker section on with some extras for FileMaker Go.