Jesse's Apps Book

The apps book is out! Copies are now shipping to bookstores. Or you can order from Amazon.

It's a concise book about these new technologies designed for people who want to get involved. You'll find out how apps work and how you can become a developer -- whether you want to be a hands-on developer or a designer or someone who uses apps in your business plan.

The first half of the book introduces you to the technologies in pretty basic terms. (I've written other, more technical books on the topic.) Then, in the second half you'll find eight specific strategies for ways in which you can use apps. We've seen this new world explode with activity. Apps are now part of standard business plans, but they're also part of strategies for non-profits and political candidates of all stripes. 

What apps have going for them are their numbers. They can be incredibly cheap to produce and distribute, but with the right design and promotion, they can reach large numbers of people. I also talk about the small/small paradigm: a low-cost app reaching a small number of people and still being profitable and productive.


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