Downloads for FileMaker 12 in Depth

These are the example files for FileMaker 12 in Depth. They use a variety of themes to show you what you have to work with. In most cases, for a single FileMaker solution you do not use a different theme for each layout because it can distract the user. Here, however, the goal is to distract you and show you the themes.

Note that in Chapters 9 and 13, you have examples based on the Starter Solutions from pre-FileMaker 12 versions. Use them to explore the Layouts menu Change Theme command in Layout mode. See what you can come up with! (And remember to save the files before experimenting, so that you can go back and change them some more.

Recycling, the Scottish Video, and a few more FileMaker Data Points

We're back at 11:10 in the morning on WAMC's Roundtable -- usually one of the last Tuesdays of the month, but this month on Wednesday 7/27. We'll be talking about recycling, reusing, and disposing of electronics, with a lot of links to resources who will help. 

Writing on iPad and iPhone: Stylus Tips

Now that FileMaker Go 1.2 makes it easy to capture signatures on mobile devices, here are a few notes from adventures in the world of styli (yes, that's the plural--pretentious, but plural).

Note: In the context of FileMaker Go we're talking about signature capture, but nothing prevents you from capturing doodles, sketches or anything else you draw on the mobile device.


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