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Social Media for Discovery not Decision Making (full quote from the Brookings Web forum)

I finally tracked down the quote from the Brookings Web forum from June 28, 2011 "How Social Networking Can Reinvigorate American Democracy and Civic Participation" (page with video and link to transcript here). It was from Macon Phillips, Special Assistant to the President and Director of Digital Strategy at The White House." Here's the full text of his comment:

Brookings Social Media/Civic Engagement Webcast Highlights

Some points:

  • social media isn't for decision making but for discovery
  • mobile is a new audience particularly for minorities as well as a new level of engagement
  • institutional voice is less effective than personal voices. people now expect personal contact rather than @somecorporation
  • Lee Rainie - there's a spectrum of engagement -- lurking - commenting - forwarding - attending. The point is moving people along not an absolute yes/no engagement.
They're publishing a brief summary in a few days. [Added: Link is now published.]

Getting to Know the Antideficiency Act

One of the by-products of the possible shutdown of the US Government is that policy wonks and administrators are dusting off the Antideficiency Act and the interpretations thereof. The Act, dating back to the Civil War era (1884), implements Congress's "power of the purse." As summarized on the GAO site

In its current form, the law prohibits:



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