Roundtable October 12, 2016 11 AM: Games and role-playing for communication

Jesse and Joe will be talking with Curt Gervich. We’ve talked about how apps and technology are evolving and, along the way, started to use aspects of games (“gamification”) in their interfaces. Games are everywhere and they’re not just for fun. This is discussion of a game-playing simulation project called Toxic Release!

Curt Gervich as an Associate Professor in SUNY Plattsburgh’s enter of Earth and Environmental Science. He teaches courses in Environmental Policy, Sustainability and Environmental Leadership. He also works with EPA and other federal and state agencies across the country on a variety of envrionmental planning and management challenges

One of his projects is Toxic Release!, an environmental education simulation. Friends of Saranac River Trail is bringing it to Plattsburgh City Hall Community Room on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 5-8 pm. It’s free, but reservations are strongly suggested at or