Sams Teach Yourself Core Data in 24 Hours


Jesse Feiler's latest book, Sams Teach Yourself Core Data for Mac and iOS in 24 Hours is now available from Amazon and other bookstores. 

The second edition has been revised to include the latest updates to Objective-C as well as Xcode 4.3.

Jesse Feiler is a leading expert on Apple database development. Feiler has worked with databases since the 1980s, writing about technologies that have since evolved into Core Data. His database clients have included Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Young & Rubicam, and many small businesses and non-profit organizations. His recent books include Data-Driven iOS Apps for iPad and iPhone with FileMaker Pro, Bento by FileMaker and FileMaker GoFileMaker Pro in Depth,  iWork for Dummies  and Sams Teach Yourself Objective-C in 24 Hours.

When people ask me what I work on these days, I tell them the intersection of mobile computing and structured data.  Structured data (mostly databases but including some other technologies) turns out to be critical not just for oranizing data but also for implementing key mobile technologies such as synchronizing data across devices. The structuring of data means that instead of synchronizing entire documents, the discrete elements of documents can be synchronized in a remarkably efficient manner. And, as an added bonus, the data is well-organized. 

Core Data is a key framework of both Mac OS X and iOS. It has evolved from Enterprise Objects Framework (EOF) that was part of WebObjects. In a nutshell, what Core Data does is to integrate relational databases with the world of object-oriented programming. It is not a database itself: it can work with the built-in SQLite database in Mac OS X or iOS, but it can also work with your own data store.