Out-of-the-box Drupal Sites

There's a great thread here of Drupal sites done without additional programming. One of the great features of Drupal is its scalability. We often think of scalability as the ability to grow, but Drupal scales in both directions. Scaling up for large sites (think New York State Senate often requires some programming, but when you think about it, a Drupal site for a city council probably has the same needs as the NYS Senate site--and it can be done without customization.


Drupal and Public Library Policies

It's spring in the North Country...and that means that Ewa Jankowska, director of the Clinton-Essex-Franklin Library System is scheduling Trustee Forums for library trustees, so I'm dusting off my notes and slides. The first one is Saturday, May 16 10AM-1PM at CEFLS. There are some spaces left, so contact CEFLS if you're interested.

By coincidence, I'm working on a new Drupal site and had one of those moments where two different projects clicked together. The issue is policies for organizations and policies for Drupal sites.

Zen Classic

It's time for a new theme. The green Garland theme was just what the doctor ordered in March, but now the green is a bit garish when viewed against the real green that's emerging outdoors. So Zen Classic is the theme du jour (maybe mois...plus ca change, plus c'est un p.i.t.a).

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Who Does Drupal?

Drupal is at an exciting point as it moves more and more into common use. But, as has been the case with other technologies, this move comes with a major change. Until now, most people putting up Drupal Web sites have had the skills to customize Drupal. If there isn't a module that does what you want, just write some PHP code. Want a theme just for you, no problem. There are suggestions for improvements and bug fixes on the Drupal site and other places that you can apply yourself to the code (not Core, please!).


Migrating from WordPress

Blogs are great--for certain things. Radio Userland was exciting, and Blogger was a great improvement that added all kinds of power. WordPress is even better, and, as is always the case, being built with a new architecture on the experiences of other blogging systems, it is terrific.


Drupal Book is Shipping!

Sams Teach Yourself Drupal in 24 Hours is now shipping. There is more material coming to the website in the next few days. Register and/or sign up for the newsletter to keep updated.

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