Build on the Drupal Database

Drupal ExtraMany people use Drupal to build websites -- and with great success. But deep inside Drupal is an SQL database (MySQL or Postgres, and in Drupal 7, SQLite). In addition to storing content in the database using the Drupal core and contributed modules, you can use CCK and Views to build a collaborative database-driven app on that same database.

Drupal 7.0 Alpha Released

The first Alpha of Drupal 7.0 is out and available for downloads. Not that the upgrade path isn't finished yet, so you can't do a test conversion of an existing site. It will happen--just not yet.

You can create a new Drupal 7 installation and see how it works (most of the highlights are in the book). And, of course, if you are developing modules or themes, the Alpha release is for you to do testing and conversion.


More On How the Site is Built

There's updated information on the Drupal page in the form of the Drupal Extra describing how that page is built (it also described most of the site's structure). It's based on Drupal's taxonomy and view structure so that once an article is written, it automatically appears in the appropriate places -- as long as the proper taxonomy tags are selected.


From a Drupal User

From a friend at a company that has just converted a large website to Drupal. He says the old way was much easier: just send a request to IT. He adds that nevertheless, for quick edits and timely updates, Drupal is better.

Getting Started

I'm beginning to move email queries to this discussion board so that I can share comments with more people. Here's an email from a reader:

What do you suggest to minimize the learning curve with Drupal if I have deadline in 2 - 3 months to get a site (intranet) prototyped?


Drupal Book is Shipping!

Sams Teach Yourself Drupal in 24 Hours is now shipping. There is more material coming to the website in the next few days. Register and/or sign up for the newsletter to keep updated.

Buy the book from your local bookseller or online store. You can order it from Amazon here.


Drupal Modules and Settings (from the book)

Module pages (including download links) for the modules discussed in Sams Teach Yourself Drupal in 24 Hours by Jesse Feiler.


Aggregators for STY Drupal Module Feeds

Latest updates.