Who Does Drupal?

Drupal is at an exciting point as it moves more and more into common use. But, as has been the case with other technologies, this move comes with a major change. Until now, most people putting up Drupal Web sites have had the skills to customize Drupal. If there isn't a module that does what you want, just write some PHP code. Want a theme just for you, no problem. There are suggestions for improvements and bug fixes on the Drupal site and other places that you can apply yourself to the code (not Core, please!).
The amazing benefits of Drupal in terms of reducing site development costs won't be truly apparent until we realize that the people doing Drupal don't have to be jacks-of-all-trades. Drupal is mature enough (or close enough to being mature enough), that you don't need a PHP editor to create or modify your own modules. There's enough out there for many purposes.
I'm not suggesting by any means that Drupal is complete or that you never need to hack the code or develop your own modules and themes. What I am suggesting is that the array of plugins in general is so vast and varied that without customization you can build an awful lot of fantastic sites.
I hope and trust that the lively Drupal developer community will continue to develop, but I think the next phase is a roll-out to what Apple used to call "the rest of us."