iWork '09 For Dummies

iWork '09 is the latest version of Apple's office suite: Pages (for word processing and page layout), Keynote (for presentations), and now Numbers (for spreadsheets such as you've never seen before!). They're all totally integrated with the Mac OS X features and resources and, of course, they boast the powerful and elegant Mac OS X interface. With iWork '09, there's even a way to share iWork documents -- including revisions and comments -- through iWork.com. And there's also an automated link to iWeb so that you can publish your iWork documents to your Web site. iWork '09 for Dummies provides the fastest and easiest way to get started. If you're used to other office suites (we won't mention any names here), iWork will be a revelation. For some other office suites, the only thing linking one application to another is the brand name. With iWork, the features, commands, and user interfaces of all the apps are basically the same. That means that to use the three iWork apps, you need to learn the iWork basics and then you're ready to explore the features of Pages, Keynote, and Numbers.