Bento for iPhone and iPod touch

The big news is Bento for iPhone and iPod touch. Available for $4.99 from iTunes, it lets you sync libraries between your computer and iPhone using a WiFi network (you must be on the same one--it's not done via the Internet). At this time, the iCal libraries aren't part of the sync, but they still sync in the iPhone/MobileMe/Desktop path.

The new app requires Bento 2.0v4, which was released as a free upgrade on May 4. Launch Bento 2 and choose Bento>Check for Updates. Then download Bento for iPhone from iTunes. You'll get a sync code as you see here. With your iPhone/iPod Touch still on, launch Bento and choose File>Set Up Sync with Device and enter your code. (If you don't see the command, you haven't done Check for Updates.)