Building and Managing Drupal Sites

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Building a Community or Nonprofit Website in Drupal

Here's a collection of articles about building community websites in Drupal. It's been growing over the last weeks. We're open to comments and requests for more topics.

New Drupal Modules from the White House

Last fall, the White House announced that it had converted whitehouse.gov to Drupal. Later on, they said that they would be working to release some of their custom modules to the Drupal community. In this posting, you can find the first modules. By the way, in making the announcement a few months ago that they would be releasing some of their custom modules, they stressed that most of the site runs on standard unmodified Drupal modules.


Drupal 7

Drupal 7 will go beta when the upgrade path from Drupal 6 is ready.


A Drupal Collaborative App

There's a new Drupal Extra on http://northcountryconsulting.com. It's a variation on the project tracking system in Hour 23: Using View Arguments and Modifying Built-in Pages; this show you the bare bones of building any two-level collaborative app. This is an example of using the Drupal database as a database and not just a repository for web content.



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