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Wired: The Headline is Dead! Long Live a New Thought!

X is Dead! Long Live Y! is a great title for an article not least because it can provide a great graphics jumping-off point. It is so great that Wired has used it for their September issue: The Web is Dead. Long Live the Internet.

They've used it before, as you can see from a simple search of the Wired site. Here are some -- not all! -- of the X is Dead! Long Live X! Wired articles.


Wired Magazine on the Internet and the Web

The September issue of Wired has an article that's online and already developing some buzz. Called The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet, it addresses the fact that we're using the Internet technologies (TCP/IP and HTTP) separately from the Web (HTML) in many cases. Where we once thought in terms of Web pages, we now think of apps.

Got a Moment? Nano-presentations on iPad

Micro-presentations (built on the Pecha-Kucha project) help to tame some of the problems with traditional presentations. 20 x 20 (20 slides for 20 seconds each often with automated advance to the next slide) impose limits that can streamline presentations. Still, 20 x 20 is 6.67 minutes. Add to that the inevitable set-up time (even if it's just one person walking up and asking if the microphone is on), and you're knocking on the door of ten minutes.

The First iPad Political Commercial?

Thanks to Chris Cillizza (the Washington Post's The Fix) for calling out what may be the first iPad-based political ad