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Flash 10.1 for Mobile on the Way (Beta, that is)

A beta version of Flash for mobile devices is on the way according to Stephen Shankland on CNET.

It will be available for a number of platforms but, notably, not Apple's mobile devices (iOS). It addresses some of the issues of moving to a non-mouse environment and deals with power issues. Some developers will still need rewriting to adopt it.

I'm sure Apple's argument will be "If you need to rewrite anyway, why not move to HTML5 which is an open standard." 

Something's Happening in Data -- WAMC's Roundtable, Tuesday, 3/23/2010, 11 AM

It's time to do some connecting of the dots. What do the US Government, Apple's iPad, the floor of the Pacific Ocean, the new HTML standard for Web pages, and the City of Plattsburgh have in common? Hint: it's something about data. Here are some URLs we'll probably be talking about on The Roundtable on Tuesday.

Mobile Giving

Join Jesse and Joe Donahue on WAMC's Roundtable on Tuesday, January 26 at 11 AM for a discussion of mobile giving--what it is, how it works, what protections you as a donor have. This helps us launch the Community & Nonprofits section of this site. You'll find a few links there--we're adding more.


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