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Broadband on the Roundtable: 7/27/2010 11 AM

Another month has gone by, and it's time for Jesse to join Joe Donahue and the rest of the WAMC gang on The Roundtable to talk about what's new in technology. This month, Howard Lowe, President of CBN Connect and Director of Economic Development at TAC joins in to discuss broadband issues with particular emphasis on under-served areas such as the North Country.

Here are some of the burning questions we'll try to answer:


  • What is broadband?
  • Why does broadband matter -- anywhere?
  • Is wired broadband yesterday's news now that we're looking at 4G wireless on cellphones and other devices?


There's a host of links to documentation and definitive data on the revamped North Country Consulting website in the Community section.

Be sure to download that definitive and excellent Connecting America: National Broadband Plan from the FCC's broadband site. The document is nearly 400 pages long but don't worry about deforestation: it's a PDF file, so you can download it to your iPad (or, for luddites, your personal computer).


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