Getting Ready for iPhone 4: Out With the Old

Erica Ogg on CNET has a round-up of places tto sell your pre-iPhone 4 iPhone (i.e., last year's--or the year before that's model). The prices vary, so it's worth following the links.


Bento and iPad: The Start of Something New

Just posted a Bento extra on the Web. It looks at Bento on iPhone and iPad, providing comparisons of the same library on both devices and on the Mac desktop.

Get Rich with Apps! is on the Kindle, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Get Rich with Apps! is available on paper (from Amazon) and -- to no one's great surprise -- in iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Buy the Kindle edition here and download the iPod/iPod touch/iPad Kindle app here (the apps are free -- see Strategy #1 in the book for a discussion of how you can give an app away while generating income through its functionality.

A single purchased copy of the Kindle edition can be deployed on up to four devices simultaneously.

The accompanying image is captured from Kindle on iPad displaying a page from the book.


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