Bento for iPhone and iPod touch

The big news is FileMaker's release of the iPhone/iPod touch app for Bento. Synchronize you desktop and iPhone Bento libraries (over a WiFi network, not the Internet connections used for MobileMe iCal/Address Book syncing).

Check out our new Bento section for more news and discussions.

Also, you need to know that Bento 2.0v4 was released yesterday. The download provides the Mac end of the Bento/iPhone sync. Instructions for the download are on our Bento page at www.northcountryconsulting.com.

Bento Sync

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Bento for iPhone and iPod touch

The big news is Bento for iPhone and iPod touch. Available for $4.99 from iTunes, it lets you sync libraries between your computer and iPhone using a WiFi network (you must be on the same one--it's not done via the Internet). At this time, the iCal libraries aren't part of the sync, but they still sync in the iPhone/MobileMe/Desktop path.


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