Got a Moment? Nano-presentations on iPad

Micro-presentations (built on the Pecha-Kucha project) help to tame some of the problems with traditional presentations. 20 x 20 (20 slides for 20 seconds each often with automated advance to the next slide) impose limits that can streamline presentations. Still, 20 x 20 is 6.67 minutes. Add to that the inevitable set-up time (even if it's just one person walking up and asking if the microphone is on), and you're knocking on the door of ten minutes.

The First iPad Political Commercial?

Thanks to Chris Cillizza (the Washington Post's The Fix) for calling out what may be the first iPad-based political ad


Ballmer on iPad, Microsoft's Tablet Plans, and Printing

Ina Fried reports for CNet that Microsoft is hard at work on a Windows 7-based tablet to rival iPad. She reports on this comment from the Q&A:

"When you get your Windows 7 machine [the Microsoft tablet], it will print," Ballmer quipped. "Some people actually like to print every now and then."



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