E-reader Market: iPad up/Kindle down (in percent of ownership)

The ChangeWave articles is summarized (with good charts) here.

Both are gaining readers and users, but iPad is ahead (although it's not a horse race).


A Big Week for iOS: PDFs in FileMaker Go and File/Cloud Access in iWork

It's been a big week in the iOS world. The major news comes from FileMaker Go and the three iWork apps (Numbers, Pages, and Keynote). What's most important is the common thread: the ability to integrate iPad even more closely with other platforms using tools such as email and cloud computing as implemented both by MobileMe's iDisk and by any WebDAV server to which you have access. Together with iOS 4.2 with its support for printing (coming in November), a number of the to-do items for iPad and iPhone have been knocked off the list. 

iPad Hardware Refresh (with FaceTime)

Ever since the release of iOS 4 with Facetime (and even before then in many cases), the rumor sites have been predicting that Apple will roll it out to iPad. The end of this year or beginning of 2011 is an obvious time because it's about time for a hardware refresh and because there will be new competition in the tablet market. Here's AppleInsider's take on the hardware front.



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