Magazines on iPad: The New York Times on Newsweek, Wired, and More

In "A Race Between Digital and Print Magazines" The New York Times gets right to the heart of the issue involving long download times for magazines: publishers want to replicate every jot and tittle of the print edition rather than repurposing the content for iPad. Download times are excruciating. It's hard to understand how hard it is for publishers to move to the new model: content is the key, and it's presented in various ways depending on the medium.

First Look at The Daily

Today's the first day of publication for The Daily, News Corporation's (Rupert Murdoch) ground-up iPad news publication. It's most significant for apparently being the first publication that will use Apple's new subscription service (no more magazines with every issue at full price). The Daily has a two week free period sponsored by Verizon; after that it will be $0.99 per week or $39.99/year.



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