Siri Dictation on new iPad

Siri voice recognition on the new iPad is remarkably accurate and usable. The processing happens on Apple's servers, which means it is only available for WiFi or 3G iPad models, and then only when one of those tools is available, but, increasingly, we do have access to those features.

What is perhaps most surprising in a pleasant way is that it seems to be hard to outpace the recognition. In initial testing, I've found that in dictating text (that is, creating it and not reading prepared text), the recognition keeps up with my thoughts, and, in fact, I'm lagging behind.


Writing on iPad and iPhone: Stylus Tips

Now that FileMaker Go 1.2 makes it easy to capture signatures on mobile devices, here are a few notes from adventures in the world of styli (yes, that's the plural--pretentious, but plural).

Note: In the context of FileMaker Go we're talking about signature capture, but nothing prevents you from capturing doodles, sketches or anything else you draw on the mobile device.

FileMaker Go 1.2 Released along with Jesse's Book and His Signature Capture How To

FileMaker has just released FileMaker Go 1.2 for iPad and iPhone. And in the next day or two, you'll find copies of Jesse Feiler's Data-Driven iOS Apps for iPad and iPhone with FileMaker Pro, Bento by FileMaker, and FileMaker Go in bookstores or online (You can order it now.)


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