iOS 6 Maps: Another Take

There's at least two sides to the issue of Google maps and Apple's new mapping app for iOS 6. I for one am very happy that I no longer am advised to drive 2 miles north in order to turn around and then drive 150 miles to the south. With Apple I'm advised to drive to the south. I'm sure there counterexamples on the Google side and it's all going to sort out before very long.


Gertrude Stein on iOS 6 and iCloud

Along with the release of iOS 6 on September 19, 2012, a flood of updated iOS apps appeared in the App Store. A number of updated and new Apple apps appeared along with updates to the iWork suite: Numbers, Keynote, and Pages. The updated iWork for iOS apps complete the iCloud implementation for the suite (the OS X apps were updated previously), and now we can see iCloud for what it is.

More on iPad Dictation

Further investigation has shown that it is really hard to fill up the dictation buffer. In fact this posting is created on an iPad using Drupal using dictation. On the first past the first sentence of this posting came out letter perfect except that  "fill up the dictation buffer" came out as "fill out the dictation buffer." Fortunately just highlighting "fill out" provided a couple of options and one tap was enough to change to "fill up."



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