Exploring Modules: Nice Menus and Rotor Banner

Drupal ExtraThis is a case study of selecting two new modules for this site. It demonstrates the process involved as well as how Drupal's architecture takes a lot of the risk out of experimentation. 

First of all, as I described in the book, there really is no substitute for a test site. It doesn't take much work to set it up, and the work itself is good practice for site maintenance that you'll need to do from time to time. For my own testing, I find it's easiest in many cases to wipe out the old test site and do a new install. Over time, I do occasional quick tweaks and tests to the test site, so when it's time to do some serious testing, getting rid of all of those makes life a bit easier.

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Moving a Shared Hosting Site

If you're using shared hosting and have multiple domains on your site (Add-on Domains in the CPANEL world), be careful about moving. Some shared hosting services put all of your files including directories for subdomains in an htdocs folder (or some other name). Others place them in a www folder. Some do both, and sometimes the documentation reflects the fact that you can choose -- or it may simply be outdated.


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