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Extras are extensions to the books. They can be tips, clarifications, updates, or anything else that didn't fit into the book or that came about after the book was in print. Subscribe to the newsletter to get news of extras.

STY Drupal Module Feeds

On the main Drupal page you'll find a block showing the feeds of changes from each of the modules discussed in the book. The block itself lists the most recent changes and version numbers, so you can see what has changed. Clicking on an individual item or on More will show you the details of the feeds along with the appropriate links back to the Drupal module pages. If you check out the feeds periodically, iti's a good way of keeping up with the modules you use. NOTE: This list is still under development. It will be complete by the time the book is published.


Which version of Drupal are you using for new website development?

Drupal 4
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Drupal 5
25% (1 vote)
Drupal 6
75% (3 votes)
Drupal 7
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Total votes: 4


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