2010 will be the year of ... (Log in to vote)

27% (19 votes)
Slate/Tablet computers
42% (30 votes)
Cloud computing
23% (16 votes)
Micro/community publishing
8% (6 votes)
Total votes: 71

Phrase of the Day

It's several years old but with the Comcast news, the commentariat is distinguishing between on demand programming and appointment based programming. On NBC news tonight Brian Williams made a jocular reference to appointment-based news. Of course with Tivo, everything is on demand so for many of us appointment-based TV hasn't existed for years. But it's a great phrase and quite extensible. I will begin attempting to convince Toby that the era of on-demand walks is over. All walks are now appointment-based and I have the appointment book. How do you say that in dog?

Host Reconfiguration - Good News

The host reconfiguration seems to be going fairly well. The log of page errors is short. If you encounter a problem. please let me know jfeiler@northcountryconsulting.com.There is one persistent issue that we will have to live with for a while. This blog is picked up on my Amazon author page automatically, and the links are not refreshed.



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