Snowball Fight Roundup from WAPO

For anyone who doubts the achievements of modern technology, here is an item from the Washington Post blog (Clarence Williams) with a roundup of today's snowball fights in Washington (and one in Baltimore). 

The names are wonderful--Battle Snowpocalypse (Ellipse 12-3 PM),  Snowpocalypse Celebration (Ft. Dupont Park in Southeast 12-2 PM), The Official Dupont Circle Snowball Flight (2 PM), Columbia Heights Snowball Fight (Malcolm X Park 2 - 5 PM), and, in Baltimore, Snowsaycanyousee Part 2: Fells Point! (Fells Point - Broadway between Thames & Lancaster Streets)


More Idle Speculation on Apple's Thing

Is there not enough rumor, gossip, and speculation about Apple's plans to be announced (maybe) at an event where even the date (1/26? 1/27?) is speculative? No, there is not enough. Herewith, a little more.


Getting Started

I'm beginning to move email queries to this discussion board so that I can share comments with more people. Here's an email from a reader:

What do you suggest to minimize the learning curve with Drupal if I have deadline in 2 - 3 months to get a site (intranet) prototyped?


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