Drag of the Installed Base: what to do about legacy systems?

Don't pay attention to the politics in  this Washington Post article, "Old Technology Foils Schwarzenegger's Wage Order," but skip to the bottom of the first page for this quote:

The state's payroll system was designed more than 60 years ago and was last revamped in 1970, Hallye Jordan, state controller's office spokeswoman, said in an e-mail.

Flash 10.1 for Mobile on the Way (Beta, that is)

A beta version of Flash for mobile devices is on the way according to Stephen Shankland on CNET.

It will be available for a number of platforms but, notably, not Apple's mobile devices (iOS). It addresses some of the issues of moving to a non-mouse environment and deals with power issues. Some developers will still need rewriting to adopt it.

I'm sure Apple's argument will be "If you need to rewrite anyway, why not move to HTML5 which is an open standard." 

Android vs iPhone: PC World's Take

Ian Paul writes for PC World about the looming battle. It's a well-written and accurate article with a soupcon of humor.



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