Community Netvitalization

For many of us, the first adventures on the Net were all about digital communities--far-flung communities made possible by the Internet. We played bridge with people half a world away, many of us continue to work on a daily basis with people we've never met, and many businesses large and small are looking to the Web for expansion (and, in some cases, survival).Now it's time to turn back to our communities--our real communities where we live, work, play, and walk our dogs.

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Community Technology Evaluation

If anyone is interested in thinking about and developing some metrics for ranking communities (particularly smaller ones) objectively on their technology, let me know.This is a follow-up to several recent conversations nothing the wide variety in tech-savviness among communities. The challenge is to come up with some set of objective metrics that provide a snapshot of how the community as a whole (media, government, social networks, business, etc.) uses technology. One suggestion that I find intriguing is to come up with some evaluation points and then share them.

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Obama and Email

As a number of us have pointed out, this issue of the Blackberry and email is significant.The issue of how someone complies with laws and standards of transparency, security, and archiving in a public capacity has really not been resolved definitively--not for the President of the United States or for a trustee of a tiny public library operating under an open meetings law. Setting those standards and best practices once and for all would be a small but significant achievement. Nothing is solved by simply opting out of email.And the bigger issue may also seem trivial, but it's important.

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