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Today, the Plattsburgh Press-Republican announced that all full- and part-time employees are being asked to take five days off without pay in the next quarter, thereby joining the ranks of newspapers In Financial Trouble. The paper is owned by Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc. of Alabama CNHI) which owns more than 100 newspapers around the country; it also publishes niche publications, does work on the Web, and owns four TV stations (3 Foxes and a CW).

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For the Wakefield Class of 2112

An invitation from John Clisham at Wakefield High School to a career day event got me thinking about what I might say. (But I won't say it, because it conflicts with my next WAMC gig...we haven't settled on a topic, so maybe this will be the Roundtable topic.)

We're now embarking on the fourth wave of the computer age, and as we do so, we can look back not just on what has come before but on the characteristics of each wave.

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Kindle, iPhone Kindle App...Privacy?

I love Kindle and the new iPhone Kindle App... and Amazon, too.

Your books, bookmarks, and even your current page in a book is synchronized between Kindle and iPhone Kindle app via Amazon's servers. It's fast and transparent.

And troubling.

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