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Today, the Plattsburgh Press-Republican announced that all full- and part-time employees are being asked to take five days off without pay in the next quarter, thereby joining the ranks of newspapers In Financial Trouble. The paper is owned by Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc. of Alabama CNHI) which owns more than 100 newspapers around the country; it also publishes niche publications, does work on the Web, and owns four TV stations (3 Foxes and a CW).

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The next era in Web interfaces

Recently (perhaps as a result of the iPhone?) mobile Web sites have been proliferating--and it's all to the good. Phase One of design for personal computers started with the Xerox PARC work that later appeared on the Mac and other computers. We had to explain to people what that "personal computers" were--and it made sense to describe them as being like familiar objects such as desktops, files, and folders.

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Broadband Access from Home/Digital Divide

A report from Pew discusses the digital divide that's growing.  Overall, home access to broadband continues to increase. The groups with the lowest rates of home access are:

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