FileMaker Pro 10 in Depth arrives!

FileMaker Pro 10 in Depth has started to arrive in bookstores. The FileMaker downloads link at the left of the home page is active.

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FileMaker Pro 10 Released!

FileMaker has announced the release of its newest version which is available for download and purchase now. While the FileMaker elves have been working away, I've been working with the equally industrious elves at Sams/Que/Pearson on FileMaker Pro 10 In Depth.

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Downloadable Files for FileMaker Book

As noted MANY times here, please do not leave anonymous postings about not being able to find the downloadable files. I cannot reply (because your email address is not included). The download links are at the lower right of this page and are available in the link from this posting.We monitor the site logs and check the number of downloads each month. The files are available and are being downloaded. Thanks.

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