Roundtable, Monday 10/13, 11 AM

On Monday, we'll be talking about the economy (what else?) and some of the ways in which you can use technology to help muddle through.

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Columbia County Board of Elections Site

Just in time for this morning's Roundtable discussion of politics and the Web, the Register-Star (Hudson) announces the Columbia County Board of Elections Site. They get credit for doing it, and extra credit for accidentally doing it just when we're talking about these issues.The results for previous elections are posted as PDF files, which means these aren't live data feeds--probably not bad for a BOE because the local media should be picking up non-final results as they come.Anyone else have a BOE site to recommend?

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Roundtable, Monday 6/9, 11 AM

It's that time of month again. This month, we'll be talking about political Web sites, and how they reflect on politicians. Some are great, some are not so great. Question: can a politician who doesn't understand the Web be trusted to provide leadership on public matters that include today's technology? We're not suggesting politicians sit down and write code, but they should give us reason to trust their technological judgment as it will apply to the matters of the day.This notion got a bit out of hand, and I whipped up a Facebook app. to list and rate political Web sites.

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