Bloomberg: Apple's Biggest Breakthrough That Almost No One Knows About

Here's the latest on Swift (probably killing time before the real news from World Wide Developers Conference hits next Monday in the Keynote.


Swift, the new computer language introduced by Apple a year ago, has already won over legions of coders

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After a year of working with Swift, I've settled down to my own metric: Swift code (given my coding styles in both languages) is 30% the length of Objective-C code that does the same thing.

Another point that isn't widely noted -- Swift is easier to teach than Objective-C. A couple of months ago, I taught a course in iOS app development to newbies, and I used both Swift and Objective-C. By the second day, I settled on the strategy of teaching the Swift version first. It makes it easy for people who don't know Cocoa/Cocoa Touch or one of the Apple languages to get the hang of things quickly. After that, going back to show how to reimplement something in Objective-C is a lot faster than it used to be.


Swift 1.2 at!

Swift 1.2 (released in Xcode 6.3 Beta 3, redefines the as operator.  The downloadable files are now available in versions for Swift 1.1/Xcode 6.2 and Swift 1.2/Xcode 6.3 and later.

There's a description of the change in the Swift blog on


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