Roundtable June 21, 2016: What's New in Tech?

The mainstreaming of artificial intelligence has been right around the corner for decades. Are we turning the corner? And what about big data? Are we just building bigger and bigger data centers or are we finding new ways to more smartly manage the data we have?

Some updates from the front lines:

Microsoft and Cannabis

Why is Microsoft going into the Cannabis marketing space? And why are they buying LinkedIn and building "Conversation as a Platform"?

Here's the background:

LinkedIn is bought by Microsoft:

Wand Labs acquired as part of Microsoft's " innovation of Bing intelligence in this new era of Conversation as a Platform"


What's going on with privacy and crowdsourcing at Apple? How are they sorting photos by the people who are in them (no help from you tagging them with names).

Troy Wolverton, Mercury News

Differential privacy, crowd sourcing, and artificial intelligence fit together in Apple's new systems.


"Sympton search" rolls out this week

Machine Learning: Google's Vision Machines teaching machines


IBM's Watson: The platform for cognitive business

Rob High, IBM Watson CTO:

Cognitive business and cognitive commerce is a focus for IBM

Key areas:

  • industry
  • insurance
  • retail
  • telecom
  • banking
  • health

Wha makes a cognitive business?

  • analytics acceleration
  • data-centric design

How do you build one?

  • new customer experiences
  • reinvent operataions
  • transform industries