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As you may know from my book, this website, and various interviews and discussions, I believe strongly that tools like Drupal provide a bigger bang for the buck for small organizations than they do for large ones. The White House and major media corporations save time and money by using Drupal, but one way or another they can get their websites up and running.

For the smaller organization, Drupal can mean the difference between a website with modern features including the interactivity of the social web and e-commerce instead of a couple of unchanging hand-crafted HTML pages--or even nothing.

Drupal's architecture, its core modules, and its vast array of contributed modules comprise a set of tools that can be used to quickly build modern websites. But, as always, the key is to match the organization and its goals to the website and its functionality. The book provides a good starting point, but if you and your organization need a bit more guidance in setting up your Drupal site and configuring your organization to maintain and promote it effectively, feel free to contact me.

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