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Comments vs. Conversation

Comments do not always have your email address attached to them. If you're trying to send a message to Jesse, use this email link, not a comment (or both).

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Blog/Facebook Link

This blog is now feeding notes on my Facebook page.

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Books Are Out!

The Mashups book is out, and the downloadable files are online (in the Downloads & Updates section at the lower right).

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Book Update

How To Do Everything with Web 2.0 Mashups is now at the printer. It should be available by the beginning of October. Amazon is now taking orders (scroll down for the link at the right of this page).And the next one is on its way. Special Edition Using FileMaker 9 is in final production and will be available in November. There's also an Amazon link at the right of this page where you can order it.Sample code for the Mashups book will be posted here as soon as it is published. To make certain you know when it is posted, join the mailing list (also at the right).

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Search Engines and Public Information

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo! crawl the Web indexing the pages that they find so that you can quickly find the information you want. Webmasters help the search engines by providing information about what is duplicative information that shouldn't be indexed; they also can help the search engines by pointing them to dynamic Web pages that may not be otherwise located.As Declan McCullagh documented on CNet last week (see following post), search engines were directed away from certain National Intelligence and White House Web pages.

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Declan McCullagh Peers At the Invisible

In recent articles on CNet, Declan McCullagh has examined some interesting adventures with government Web sites. The Web site of National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell temporarily disappeared from search engines as described in this January 7 article. An earlier story that day documented similar adventures at the White House Web site.

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