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Social Networking and Libraries

Jane Secker (London School of Economics and Political Science) has a great paper on libraries and Facebook. It's part of LASSIE: Libraries and Social Software in Education.

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Roundtable, Monday February 4, 11 AM

I'm joining Joe and Julia on WAMC's Roundtable on Monday. We'll be talking about social networking and Facebook. There's lots to talk about--the changing concepts of privacy, what viral marketing is, and who's using Facebook (hint: it's not kids).

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The Facebook Page for the Book

There's now a Facebook Page for How to Do Everything: Facebook Applications. There are some video demonstrations of creating apps and a walk-through of the book's example app. Discussion board, a schematic diagram of a Facebook app integrated with a database and external Web site, and a few more goodies (including the links to the downloadable files).

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How to Do Everything: Facebook Applications

My newest book is now available for pre-order from the usual bookselling resources including Amazon.

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Special Edition Using FileMaker on Facebook

Just set up a Facebook Page for the book. It's pretty sparse yet, but feel free to drop by.

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FileMaker 9 Book is Out

First confirmed sighting of Special Edition Using FileMaker 9 (in Italy!). Files are posted on this site here.

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