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Click here for the FCC's page on The Great Switchover. The period for comments is ending May 30--June 2 looks like a tight timeframe, but signs still point to a widespread belief it will happen (signs=gossip). The supporting documents provide the precise information. For some reason, media coverage of this has been sparse and, in some cases, misleading. The FCC is the primary source, so its data can be relied on.

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The Great Unicel/AT&T Customer Swap is Under Way: iPhones Work without Roaming

Verizon and AT&T are swapping customers in Upstate New York, Vermont, and the south. Current Unicel customers in Vermont and Upstate New York will move automatically to AT&T which will establish a presence in the region for the first time. When Verizon wound up owning Unicel last year, its GSM subscribers stood out from the CDMA subscribers of the rest of the Verizon network (which, apparently, is why they never merged them).

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A New Digital Divide

The much-heralded Digital Divide seems to be less a problem than it appeared a decade ago. True, there are demographic differences (particularly at the lower end of the economic spectrum), but the latest numbers (see the OCLC post earlier in this blog) suggest massive availability of the Internet in one form or another.But we much more serious Digital Divide is looming. Rather than adversely affecting demographic groups, it is affecting geographic areas. It has to do with new Web technologies such as the collection known as Web 2.0 and AJAX , RSS, and even blogs.

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WAMC Roundtable: Libraries and Technology

It's that time again (Monday, April 7, 11 AM). Another Roundtable segment. This time, we'll be talking about how public libraries are using new technologies. (National Library Week runs from April 13-19.)Joining us will be Josh Cohen, Director of the Mid-Hudson Library System (on which board I served for 12 years, 3 as president).

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How to Do Everything: Facebook Applications

Books have shipped. For more info, videos, discussion board, and updates, visit the book's Facebook Page.

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Sharing, Privacy, and Trust in a Networked World

Fascinating and detailed (280 pages) report from OCLC (Online Computer Library Center). It provides information about Internet use in six countries; it is an update to a report from 2005, so it is able to show trends. Here are the usage rates in the online population from 2005 to 2007 for various technologies:search engines: 71% to 90%email: 73% to 97%blogs: 16% to 46%Unfortunately, there's another statistic. Visits to library Web sites dropped from 30% of the online population in 2005 to 20%.

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