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Movement on Verizon/Unicel

This is an 84-page PDF containing a cover letter from Verizon's attorneys and supporting documents. The Department of Justice has cleared the Rural Cellular (Unicel)/Verizon transaction subject to Verizon's divestiture of some wireless properties (this is the Vermont/Plattsburgh Unicel service that will presumably be traded to AT&T...hence the iPhone). This much has been reported in the local press.I haven't seen the documents in this FCC filing linked here reported on.

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More on iPhone...

Apple announced that the new 3G iPhone will be available July 11. It will be $199 (8GB) and $299 (16GB). I assume we may have to wait for 3G coverage in this region, but perhaps by then we'll have something.

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Columbia County Board of Elections Site

Just in time for this morning's Roundtable discussion of politics and the Web, the Register-Star (Hudson) announces the Columbia County Board of Elections Site. They get credit for doing it, and extra credit for accidentally doing it just when we're talking about these issues.The results for previous elections are posted as PDF files, which means these aren't live data feeds--probably not bad for a BOE because the local media should be picking up non-final results as they come.Anyone else have a BOE site to recommend?

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Roundtable, Monday 6/9, 11 AM

It's that time of month again. This month, we'll be talking about political Web sites, and how they reflect on politicians. Some are great, some are not so great. Question: can a politician who doesn't understand the Web be trusted to provide leadership on public matters that include today's technology? We're not suggesting politicians sit down and write code, but they should give us reason to trust their technological judgment as it will apply to the matters of the day.This notion got a bit out of hand, and I whipped up a Facebook app. to list and rate political Web sites.

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Still Waiting for the FCC

Alas, the rumored June 2 date for the great switch has come and gone. The FCC is silent on the Verizon/Unicel transaction (the Web page hasn't been updated for a month, and the annotated timeline has never been updated).Still, AT&T shows coverage for the city of Plattsburgh. This may be related to the announcement this week that AT&T is continuing to roll out higher-speed 3G technology. And that one may be related to the consensus that Apple's World Wide Developer Conference on Monday will feature an announcement of the new iPhone.

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This May Be the End of Set-Top Boxes

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association has announced an agreement with Sony that will create standards for two-way televisions and "other devices" that will work without set-top boxes. Today, the set-top box provides the interaction with the cable operator. By having an industry-wide standard, the set-top boxes (and their remotes!!!!) can go away and the functionality can be provided by the TV.

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