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August 1

The Verizon/Rural Cellular (Unicel) issue is on the agenda for the FCC's August 1 meeting. One assumes that the spate of meetings this week was to wrap things up. If there are more documents posted in advance of the meeting, we'll link to them here.

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More FCC Meetings

Things definitely are happening.

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MobileMe Getting There

Just got a message on my Mac to run Software Update to install MobileMe. My guess is they're turning it on gradually.

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iPhone, MobileMe, Google Apps and Clouds

The glitches with iPhone activation, MobileMe, and Google apps this week bring up some general issues about cloud computing summarized in this CNET article. The article talks about service level agreements (SLAs) and the issues involved in using someone else's computers for your work. In some cases, that is unavoidable--Facebook has to function on the Web, but in other cases such as a cloud-based word processor, the desktop is an alternative.

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iPhone 2.0 and MobileMe

After a bit of delay, MobileMe is up. iPhone 2.0 installs perfectly well on the original iPhone, and provides great new functionality. The App Store is up with an interesting array of apps. Browse Lifestyle to see perhaps the most peculiar collection: bible apps, tip computers, and car maintenance. I think there's a thread there, but I haven't figured it out.The Apple servers are obviously swamped, but they are functioning. MobileMe took a while to be available (and the Web apps were timing out on Safari when last checked).

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iPhone 3G Pricing and Comparison to original iPhone

This page and its linked pages from AT&T provide the greatest details so far about features and pricing, including absolutely crystal-clear comparisons.Towards the bottom of the page, there's a chart that compares the original iPhone to the iPhone 3G. It's a one-page chart (in PDF), and the differences are shown in red.

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