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Spam: The Next Generation

We know that the amount of spam sloshing around the Internet is enormous, but anyone who has a good spam filter can examine what is caught and see how much doesn't get through (but uses up bandwidth). Many of us have multiple layers of filtering: the basic level is done at the ISP, often behind the scenes. In my case, for my main account, the company hosting the mail account uses Postini and I can see what is trapped there.

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The FCC (a/k/a The Fat Lady) Sings

In a press release issued today, the FCC announces that it has agreed to the transfer of assets from Rural Cellular (Unicel) to Verizon.

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Verizon/Unicel FCC Update

From this morning's document :The following [the Verizon/Unicel issue] has been deleted from the list of Agenda items scheduled for consideration at the August 1, 2008, Open Meeting and previously listed in the Commission’s Notice of July 25, 2008. This item has been adopted by the Commission.

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Border Policies for Laptops, etc.

An article on the front page of today's Washington Post describes the policies announced two weeks ago that allow Federal agents at the border to take electronic devices (including laptops) away for "an unspecified period of time without any suspicion of wrongdoing."The policies do seem rather broad (!), and the front page article is likely to generate more discussion, which is all to the good.From a technology standpoint, this is just another reminder that we need up to date exte

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Senator Sanders Objects

Senator Sanders raises concerns in a letter to the FCC.

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APA Looking at AT&T Cell Tower Request

From today's Press-Republican, in an article about the Adirondack Park Agency (APA) and a request for approval of new cell towers:Independent Tower, LLC is looking to erect a new tower on a stretch of Adirondack Northway in Lewis, on the western side of the road between Exits 32 and 33, McKeever said."That's going to accommodate up to four different cell carriers. AT&T Mobile is co-applicant on that site."They also approved an application by T-Mobile near exit 34.

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