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Behind the Sarah Palin Poll

Very interesting article about what happened with the Sarah Palin poll on the PBS Web site. It also describes the techniques used to make online polls a little more secure--and why they're used.

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More of Vermont to ATT

On September 4 and 5, AT&T and Verizon amended their application to transfer customers from Rural Cellular (Unicel), a subsidiary now of Verizon to Rural Newco LLC, owned and controlled by AT&T. (Don't you think Rural Newco is a clever name?)The meat of the amendments is:to comply with the government’s divestiture requirements, the recently filed amendments propose to transfer RCC's cellular and PCS licenses for the entire Vermont 2 CMA, rather than just the cellular license for only the northern portion of the CMA as originally proposed.

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Kindle Part 2

In the last post, I promised further Kindle-specific info, and, after a brief delay, here it is.Our adventures the last time around (Rocket eBook from Nuvomedia), showed that having to reformat a book even slightly for the eBook was a tremendous obstacle. Being able to flow the text automatically into a format that the Kindle can handle solves an enormous number of problems.But it raises another issue: the flow is not perfect. An excellent example is in today's New York Times (Sunday, September 14). The Op-Ed page on the Kindle shows a relatively large number of short Op-Ed pieces.

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Cheers & Jeers to the Press-Republican

LIke many papers, the Plattsburgh Press-Republican periodically uses its editorial column for a round-up of minor issues. This happens on Mondays under the title Cheers & Jeers.Cheers & Jeers: Sept. 1, 2008JEERS to drivers who still don't know how to properly use center turning lanes; JEERS to the City of Plattsburgh for its lackluster notification of a boil-water; CHEERS to improved traffic signs; CHEERS to the commissioner and president of Plattsburgh PAL Football.Well, Jeers to the Press-Republican for greeting us on the Web this morning, September 8, with last week's entry.

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Opposition to the Verizon/Rural Cellular (Unicel) Order

This is the last week to file petitions for reconsideration of the Verizon/Rural Cellular (Unicel) ruling from the FCC. So far, one has been filed, and a letter in opposition has also been filed. Brief excerpts follow.Chatham Avalon Park Community Council CAPCC) objects primarily on the issue of partial foreign ownership of Verizon.CAPCC is a community based organization based in and around Chicago, Illinois, with hundreds of members who are consumers of telecommunications services, some of which are offered by Verizon Wireless.

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Verizon Sale Completed

Thanks to Beemer for noticing the press release that the sale has been completed. As noted previously, the settlement proposed by Verizon (and accepted by the FCC) described placing the Vermont and northern New York licenses in a trust until they are sold, and that has happened.Presumably the trust will sell the licenses to AT&T.No new documents have been filed with the FCC since approval on August 1.

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