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Obama and the Internet in Transition

What a welcome relief! Unlike recent elections, we had a definitive result by 11 PM Eastern time. A historic victory for those of us who are morning people.We saw how technology can be used to make small efforts by many people work together. Whether it was raising a significant campaign treasury in many small donations (although a large part of campaign contributions came in traditional, large amounts), or in the technology and imagination that made virtual phone banks possible, we saw a new way of using technology.

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The Bento Book

0789738120The Bento Book is now in stock at Amazon and other retailers (online and real). It covers the latest features in Bento 2 (released just last Tuesday). There's also a Web site with some Bento Quickies being uploaded in the next day or two.

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Roundtable, Monday 10/13, 11 AM

On Monday, we'll be talking about the economy (what else?) and some of the ways in which you can use technology to help muddle through.

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HB Studio at Library for the Performing Arts

There's more to life than technology. With one of my other hats on, I'm on the board of HB Studio. The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts (Lincoln Center) is doing a series of programs on us this fall.I'll be moderating the panel on HB Studio: The Early Years on Saturday November 8, 3 PM. Panelists are Ed Morehouse, Anne Jackson and Eli Wallach, and Mary Anthony. First-come/first-served for seats, and they're free.

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Behind the Sarah Palin Poll

Very interesting article about what happened with the Sarah Palin poll on the PBS Web site. It also describes the techniques used to make online polls a little more secure--and why they're used.

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More of Vermont to ATT

On September 4 and 5, AT&T and Verizon amended their application to transfer customers from Rural Cellular (Unicel), a subsidiary now of Verizon to Rural Newco LLC, owned and controlled by AT&T. (Don't you think Rural Newco is a clever name?)The meat of the amendments is:to comply with the government’s divestiture requirements, the recently filed amendments propose to transfer RCC's cellular and PCS licenses for the entire Vermont 2 CMA, rather than just the cellular license for only the northern portion of the CMA as originally proposed.

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