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Netvitalization: Visibility across Planes

It's no news that the Internet makes time and space disappear: you can interact as easily with someone around the world as with someone next door. Although the Internet doesn't distinguish those places, we do. And to move onto the next aspect of netvitalization, we need to introduce a new term (oh, no, not another one--but perhaps the last of 2008). It's a simple concept: the idea that communities can be visualized as planes (in the geometric sense, not the aviation sense). 

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January 18

First of all, many thanks to the various posters on this blog who have filled us in on the progress of the AT&T/Verizon/Unicel/iPhone soap opera. Most recently, we've heard that employees are starting to package existing materials and send them back. Today, the Press-Republican published information from the AT&T press office, including the statement that in "early January" the Unicel store in Plattsburgh will become an AT&T store.

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Burlington Free Press Article

The BFP is reporting that the cutover could come any day to AT&T. As noted below, the period for responses to objections to the transfer ended 12/8. Would AT&T like to try to get it done in time for Xmas sales this next weekend?

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Netvitalization: Identity

What makes one community large or small more net-savvy than another? (And by community, I mean real, geographically-located communities.) As we explore the differences in communities, here's one of the key factors that is at play: identity.One of the big accomplishments of social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook is that they have broken down the common net practice of masking people's identities.

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AT&T Licenses

Seth posted info about an AT&T Wireless ad in the Press-Republican today. That is consistent with the schedule of the AT&T/Verizon petition to actually transfer the Unicel licenses. That schedule concluded with replies due December 8 to oppositions which were due December 1. That suggests that the actual transfer is imminent--keep your fingers crossed.

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Obama Stimulus Plan Includes Broadband Access for Underserved Areas

Roads, schools, public buildings, and broadband.Broadband is a key component of netvitalization to which we will return shortly.

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