Learning iCloud Data Management

As apps rapidly move into business and the cloud, iOS and OS X developers need new data management techniques. In this book, renowned Apple database expert Jesse Feiler shows you how to use Apple's latest APIs and technologies to structure and synchronize all forms of data. Feiler helps you understand the issues, implement efficient solutions, and deliver highly usable apps that seamlessly synchronize during the "Round Trip" between iOS and OS X and back again.

This guide walks you through integrating several key Apple data management technologies. including the Address Book and Calendar APIs. Feiler shows you how to structure data so it's easy to build great Cocoa and Cocoa Touch user interfaces and to quickly incorporate reliable iCloud syncing. Step by step, you'll discover how to blend Apple's standard application data structures with your own user data to create a feature-rich and fully syncable environment.

Downloads for Learning iCloud Data Management

These files will not compile and build for you until you enter your developer credentials as described in Chapter 2, "Setting Up iCloud for Development." As described in the book, I have left my credentials in the files so that you can see what goes where, but you must use your own developer account. (In case you're wondering, the credentials I've left in the files are no longer valid.)