Movement on Verizon/Unicel

This is an 84-page PDF containing a cover letter from Verizon's attorneys and supporting documents. The Department of Justice has cleared the Rural Cellular (Unicel)/Verizon transaction subject to Verizon's divestiture of some wireless properties (this is the Vermont/Plattsburgh Unicel service that will presumably be traded to AT&T...hence the iPhone). This much has been reported in the local press.I haven't seen the documents in this FCC filing linked here reported on. Perhaps most important is Verizon's proposed Final Judgment for the divestiture which now includes a definitive statement that southern Vermont GSM users will still have GSM service (at least as I read it).We're moving ahead.

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I hope verizon buys out unicel. Unicel is not a reputable business They do not keep records straight, They are very dishonest. I have nothing good to say about them

Thank you SO much for this blog.

I used to live in VT and got my first cell phone (and thus 802 number) through Verizon. I am now a MA resident and recently got an iPhone through AT&T - someone at the store told me I could port my 802 number to my new iPhone. After I purchased the $400 phone, I found out that was not true since AT&T doesn't have service in the Burlington, VT area. This "rumored" deal between Verizon/Unicel/AT&T is the only thing that has kept me paying my Verizon bill (now along with my AT&T bill), because the hassle of changing my number will be immense!!

This blog is the best thing online I've been able to find that provides updated information on the transaction. Thank you, please keep it up!

-Ethan in MA

I wanted to be the first to say that there is some action in the Unicel camp. I was told not to say a thing about the dates but there is a meeting between Unicel associates about the change. My source is said to speak nothing but I am not giving dates they gave. Sorry to all about the anonymity of the clues. I will let everyone come to their own conclusion.

As I have used and loved Unicel for many years, and as a former employee of Unicel, Verizon is getting a good deal. I think there is a big difference between the two technologies used. A GSM phone is very different from a CDMA phone. I just hope that Verizon can live up to MY expectations. I can't respond to the records problem, but I do know they try very hard to make it right if there is an error found. They are a very trustworthy company.