Mobile Giving

Making contributions to nonprofit organization with text messages is taking off rapidly. If can provide benefits for nonprofit organizations large and small not to mention time-pressed donors who can act quickly on the urge to contribute without worrying about giving out credit card numbers or suffering those pesky paper cuts from traditional mailed-in donations. Following up on the 1/26 Roundtable segment, here are some URLs for some of the main players in this world:


  • Trusted third parties work with mobile carriers, nonprofits, and application service providers to help provide trustworthy and verified relations. In the US, there are two of these at the moment; both are nonprofits themselves.
  • Application service providers provide technical and marketing expertise to nonprofits; they also work on the nonprofit's behalf with the trusted third parties. Most of these also work in the for-profit work; many of them are for-profit organizations themselves. Each works with one of the trusted third parties. In the data on this page, each ASP affiliation is listed.


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