January 18

First of all, many thanks to the various posters on this blog who have filled us in on the progress of the AT&T/Verizon/Unicel/iPhone soap opera. Most recently, we've heard that employees are starting to package existing materials and send them back. Today, the Press-Republican published information from the AT&T press office, including the statement that in "early January" the Unicel store in Plattsburgh will become an AT&T store.

We're pleased to be able to extend the PR's reporting: our sources tell us that we can narrow down "early January" to January 18. We assume this applies to all of the Unicel stores, but haven't confirmed that--anyone who can help is welcome to.

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Thank you for all your updates, Jesse. I just saw a post from TUAW (http://tinyurl.com/9464ho) that announced the iPhone for VT and wondered if anything had been said about Plattsburgh yet.

I recently purchased the new 3G iPhone because I could not wait for AT&T to come up here two months ago. I wonder though after their arrival, when will they make us up here 3G? I think everyone up here will love everything about the AT&T network from the coverage and technology to my favorite Rollover Minutes.

Jesse, like Ginny above, thank you for all of the updates and providing space on your blog for people to update all of the other users on the status of this. I liked your blog so much that it is a permanent staple on my iGoogle page. Again thank you.